Pine Adventures

Pinus ponderosa

On a recent trip to Silver City, New Mexico, I went out with a amazing group of ladies to get out into the high desert springtime, looking to find connections and healing with the plants and trees there. The pine trees caught our attention — holding space for the wildflowers to bloom, the oaks to leaf out, the rest of the winter chill to pass, and the monsoon season to come.

To me, pines say  “hope!” and bring a positive and bright presence to the forest floor and to me. Pine bark, needles and pitch have been used medicinally for so many ailments: skin (healing, beautifying and protecting from sun), lung ailments and tuberculosis, colds, coughs, fever, eyewash, headache, internal bleeding, backache, muscle and joint pain.

Pine has a great attitude, and it has the strength that comes with all that positive energy.  To me, it feels like a direct connect to a place of high vibration. Pinon has been used to protect from sorcery, and the burned resin of both Ponderosa and Pinon has a sacred, purifying, and alluring scent. I’m so honored to add Pine to my circle of plant/tree friends. So much gratitude! To the new tree friend as well as the new human friends on the journey.

Thanks, Abbe, for sending this:

Flower essence helps the Self to learn true forgiveness by quite literally being for giving: learning to release rather than retain energy. The individual is encouraged to move forward rather than stay entangled in self-deprecation and emotional paralysis. At its highest level, Pine flower essence teaches self-acceptance and inner esteem as a pathway to the soul’s realization of its own sacredness and divinity. 

From the ‘Flower Essence Repertory‘, by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we’ve found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.

One of the ladies at the event last week wrote a poem in response to our encounter with Pine.

Feeling of Ponderosa

Very young tree
One of three
Glad, very glad
So young – not even vanilla
A female tree
Way happier than the brother trees
Sad ones –
New Life-
Pride of the ancient ones
Needles – 2 of 2
Then of 3
Tastie – where they join the tree
So smooth the newest needles
12 budding tips
Growing into a new today
Celebrating the shifting ages
New life
Very Glad!

6 May 2010
Silver City, NM
Malika Crozier

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