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Kyra Epstein loves helping people find the deep roots, healing, community, and magic that she has found in her sacred journey with plants and wild nature. She leads events and sacred celebrations, prepares herbal teas and medicines, and helps people find their own healing as a sacred life path guide.

For more than 20 years, Kyra has been writing and teaching people about the environment and ways to live more sustainably. She has had hundreds of articles published in journals, papers, and magazines including E/The Environment Magazine, the Sierra Club’s Planet, and the LOHAS Journal. For Metropolitan State College and the University of Denver, she was an adjunct professor and guest lecturer teaching environmental communication and eco-feminism. 

Kyra completed a fertile year-long apprenticeship in the high desert of southwestern New Mexico with Stephen Buhner: herbalist, healer and author of many books including Sacred Plant Medicine. During that year, she experienced living in a pop-up camper on a friend’s off-the-grid property with no running water, plumbing, heat or electricity. The apprenticeship ignited a sense of the presence and personality of each tree, flower, and plant, and inspired a feeling of connection and peace—and the desire to keep that feeling alive and to bring it to others. 

More recently, Kyra studied with and completed a master herbalist program with German herbalist and aromatherapist Suzanne Fisher-Rizzi, working in Bolinas, CA, and in Italy. Other long-time, honored teachers and mentors in the herbal, sacred earth, and Sufi traditions have informed her practice and philosophy.

She lives in Sonoma County, California.


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